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Om Bas

I am a Creative do'er from Amsterdam, The Netherlands and now living in Copenhagen, Denmark. I speak and read Danish but in daily life still catch myself speaking English most of the time. I started out as a web designer/ developer. after that I got interested in motion graphics and video editing / production, back to design and then on to Art Direction. From there, my interest for Concept Development and Strategy bloomed. I worked with that for the last 5 years. Now 20 years later, I will be able to fit into almost any positions you require.
My approach is naturally user-centred and I love big ideas with clarity in value for both users and clients. I bring creative insight, ideas, visualisation and design expertise to all stages and types of projects.
I still love the hands on approach and the execution of UX/UI and even creating banners and social posts.


Jan 1997 – Sep 2005, Webdesigner/developer/Flash/etc, Various
Oct 2005 – Dec 2009, Web design / motion graphics, Tommy Hilfiger
Oct 2008 – Dec 2009, Digital Designer / Motion Graphics, Sylvester Hvid & Co.
Jan 2010 – Mar 2012, Digital Designer / Motion Graphics, ADtomic Communications
Apr 2012 – Mar 2015, Senior Digital Designer / Creative, Konstellation
Apr 2015 – Aug 2017, AD / Creative, Hjaltelin Stahl
Sep 2017 – Aug 2020, Creative Director, Umwelt A/S


  • SAS institute Nov 2019 AEA Effectiveness awards
  • Scanlines inspiration hub Nov 2019 AEA effectiveness awards
  • Lego the Awesome Alliance Jun 2014 FWA
  • Carlsberg Happy beer time Jul 2014 Cannes Lion


40 timer


20 år


875 kr.


Responsibility: Logo design, UX, Web Design, Art Direction.


An award winning project for LEGO - the movie. We got the assignment to create a solution on how to prolong the engagement of LEGO - the movie.We built a website called The Awesome Alliance. The visitor could sign up to become an awesomeally, and had to complete 6 missions.Each mission had to be created, photographed in the real world and then uploaded and tagged via Facebook or Instagram. The team with the most votes could win a weekly or monthly prize.



Responsibility: Interface Design, UX, Web Design, Art Direction.


A simple solution where #happybeertime gets activated when the bar owner starts the happy hour. On a screen the visitors can see the happy hour time counting down. When a visitor takes an Instagram in the bar and tags it with the #barname and #happybeertime, the picture getsautomatically uploaded to the screen and adds 5 minutes to the happy hour. A win-win situation, where the bar gets a lot of free social media attention and the visitor gets cheap beers.




Responsibility: UX, Web Design.


A parallax scroll site with integrated video for Mercedes Benz.

Mercedes 1
Mercedes 2
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