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I’m someone who likes to find the fun, or entertainment, in whatever I might be working on. Whether it’s learning more about automotive parts or wastewater flow patterns or the idea behind particular toy models, I like finding out that information to make my copy even more meaningful, or to be sure the text I’m reviewing makes sense for the readers. The more I can put copy into a context, the better it can be. Plus, I like being helpful, whenever possible. I don’t mind taking the extra steps when it’s necessary, if it helps push the client forward. That doesn’t mean I work for free, it means I’ll put in the work to ensure we hit deadlines in time. Even if I have to push meals back a bit. ūüôā


I’ve been creating copy for 6+ years in my own company, working with my clients to help connect their products and services with the right customers. During that time I’ve gone from one project for one client, to multiple ongoing projects for one client and adding other long- and short-term clients as need arises. I consider that a good sign that I am able to help them achieve what they want with copy, and that I’m flexible enough to adjust styles as needed while helping ensure they present the best possible copy to their customers.




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